Environmental Management:

Sustainable Effluent Management

  • Expert in Hydraulic/nutrient Balance Modelling (using MEDLI) for Councils, Agricultural/livestock and Industry;
  • Design and Sizing of Effluent Reuse Systems for Development Applications & Environmental Assessments;
  • Determining Wet Weather Storage Requirements;
  • Sampling Campaigns to Determine Accurate Composite Results;
  • Integration of Land Application of Treated Effluent with Upstream Wastewater Treatment Facilities;
  • Design and Conduct On-site Environmental Sampling/Monitoring; and
  • Interpretation of Monitoring Results for Annual Returns and other Environmental Reporting Requirements;


  • Assistance with regulatory (DES/EPA/Council) responses/negotiations;
  • Land Resource and Suitability Mapping;
  • Composting Facility Design and Management;
  • Vegetation Management (RE Mapping, Regrowth etc);
  • Soil Salinity and Sodicity Assessments;
  • Good Quality Agricultural Land (GQAL) assessments; and
  • Advice for improving soil-based treatment technologies.