Soil Survey and Sampling

The majority of existing soil data is collected at a regional scale, which means the information will not provide sufficient information for property scale planning, management or development applications. To provide a better understanding of the soil resource, more detailed assessment is essential as the soil physical and chemical properties play a major role in the success of any agricultural system.

It is vital that soil assessments and sampling are conducted to acceptable quality standards, including monitoring requirements of an environmental authority. Our certified practicing soil scientist (CPSS) and Registered Soil Practitioner (RSP), Justin Galloway has over 25 years experience in land resource mapping, site specific soil assessments, soil sampling and interpretation of soil physical and chemical results.

A soil and land resource assessment for a property can provide data for:

  • Understanding potential soil limitations (physical and chemical);
  • Determine landuse suitability, including GQAL assessments;
  • Developing a soil map and appropriate farm layout;
  • Assessing soil salinity and sodicity;
  • Designing, operating and managing irrigation systems;
  • Developing an environmental monitoring framework.

Contact Justin today for any information regarding soil assessments and sampling.