Environmental Monitoring and Reporting

Environmentally relevant activity (ERA) operators are under constant pressure to monitor and report on the environmental impacts of their enterprise. This can be confusing and time consuming on top of the day to day demands of running a business.

JG Environmental can help you by providing a full monitoring service, enabling you to focus on your business whilst knowing sampling and reporting is done according to licence conditions and relevant protocols. Our environmental monitoring services include the collection of representative samples, ensuring these are correctly identified, packed and stored, completion of analysis request forms, delivery of samples and documentation to the laboratory, interpretation of analysis results and the writing of an informative and easy to understand reports for you and any regulatory agency.

We have extensive experience in collecting various samples, arranging for analysis of these and interpreting the results. JG Environmental staff have the relevant training and hold appropriate accreditations to ensure sampling is done to the appropriate standards.

The monitoring services we can provide include:

  • Soil;
  • Wastewater;
  • Surface water;
  • Stormwater;
  • Groundwater.

Contact Justin today for any information regarding environmental monitoring.